Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I am working on......

Now that I have had some free time on my hands I have been spending a great deal of time working on different projects. Here are a few things that I have been working on this past week. I want to appologize however that the pictures are not the best. These are pictures that I have taken with my phone because some how I have managed to loose my cord for my camera to upload the good pics as well as other really pretty things that I have made....

Check in soon....the cord cannot hide from me forever!

Just a little background... so I work part time at a craft store and for months now I have been avoiding buying jewelry making supplies because I have seen how addictive it is.... So I finally broke down and this was the very first piece that I made! This necklace also has matching earrings.   

My sister and I have been making these FABULOUS flower beads for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair pieces. We went through dozens of different products to get these flowers to turn out how we wanted them! So time consuming but totally worth it!

Another flower bead necklace with matching earrings. Absolutely loving these flowers!

More flower beads that I plan to make jewelry out of....are they not adorable!
I just love the colors of this blanket that I am working on!

Well peeps there you have it.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of what I have been working on to keep myself busy while waiting for student teaching to start up!

Like I said though... I have a TON of other pieces that I have been working on that I cannot wait to share with you... Check back soon to see other pictures of projects that I am working on!

Until next time

What I am reading:The Friday Night Knitting Club
I just started reading this book that my bff Laura loaned me. I will keep you posted on what I think.


  1. wow look at you!!!!!! LOVE the new layout of the blog!!! How did you do the picture at the top??? let me in on your tricks here!!

  2. Thanks! I have been working on this thing ALL day!!! The picture was a series of "well crud" and "gosh dang it!"..... and some how after all the pictures that I went through this one just did it! So we will have to meet for coffee and work on blogs here some time soon! P.S. I was starting to wonder where you were through all of the changes... I hadn't heard anything!