Saturday, July 30, 2011


Now that I have FINALLY finished packing ( I know...very last minute) I thought I would drop in real quick like and let you all know that I may, I may not be in too much this next week. I will be leaving in the morning with my Mother-in-law for a week at the Ozarks with my Grandma-in-law (get ready for crazy grandma!!!) and the rest of the Ya Ya gang! I have never been and I have been wanting to go for quit some time now. I am looking forward to relaxing with great women, enjoy a few cocktails...... and just have some much needed down time with the girls! I will miss my hubby, lil man, and of course the dog....but this is an all girls trip! This will be my first time in the last four years that I have gone away like this without my boys! SO wish me luck on my FIRST ever, mother's week off!

What I have to look forward to:


  1. Beautiful, have fun!

  2. oh my gosh, sounds dreamy, and look beautiful. sleep in a ton!:)