Monday, July 18, 2011


So I know you y'all hear me talk a lot about my bff Laura from The Life and Times of Laura, well she has given me my first award!!!! How awesome is that!?!?! This is one of the main reasons that I have been doing some major reconstruction to my blog. If I am going to post this award, then I am going to give it justice! 

Award Rules:
1) Link back to the person that awarded this to you. 
2) Share 7 random things about yourself:

    * My favorite snack is crushed saltine crackers in milk..... I know what you are thinking because I hear it from my husband all the time.

     * I secretly love that my son is obsessed with Scooby Doo because this allows me to curl up on the couch and relive some of my favorite episodes from my own childhood favorite..... or maybe I programmed my son this way...hehe

     * I come from a very large family where I am the oldest out of 15 grandchildren. But because of the age difference between myself, my cousins, and my aunts and uncles, my younger cousins call me Aunt, my aunts and uncles consider me their youngest sister, and I  occasionally have a problem of acting more like a mother to my siblings then their sister.... I am working on this one.

     * I grew up on a family farm where we grew our own vegetables and fruits, raised chickens, cattle, pigs, turkeys, and geese. I canned in the hottest parts of summer and plucked feathers from chickens whenever the freezer ran low. I grew up racing 4-wheelers and dirt bikes down gravel roads, fishing, hunting, trapping, and all the fun farm projects like building fence and bailing hay.
     * I started driving when my feet were long enough to reach the pedals. So I have been driving sense I was 10 years old!

     * I will graduate in December with a duel bachelor's degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. I went into Special education because 1: I love working with students who have difficulties in with school. They are shining starts in my eyes! and 2: I had a lot of difficulty when I was in school so I feel that many students are misunderstood and cast off.

     *My life starts and stops with my son Jaydon. He is my life, my star, my sun and my moon. He is the reason for who I am today, what I have accomplished and how far I will go. He has saved my life in more ways then anyone would ever understand. I love him with all my heart, my mind, my soul.

 3) Award other blogs!
I don't know if you can do touch backs, but of course I will sneak one back to bff Laura.... Although I will not make her fill this out again hehe...
Megan Moss from Some Moss Family Fun 
I grew up with Megan and I love checking in to see how the kiddos are doing, the things she makes, and the advice she gives! A must for mothers! 

4) Answer the following questions:
-Favorite Color: Green! Not John Deer Green but more of like a calming green....I also like blue, purple, orange, pink...hmmmmm I like color alot!!!! 
-Favorite Song: I do not have one favorite song for I love all music (or at least most).... 90's are my sweet spot however! I find myself wrestling with my husband when he tries to pass over a song from the 90's! No joke!
-Your favorite dessert:  Either my Grandma's homemade lemon pie or my Grandpa's homemade pineapple cheesecake.

-What is pissing you off: That my house boycotts staying clean longer than a few hours! 
-When you 're upset, you: Clean like a mad woman.... and when I say clean like a mad woman I mean I turn into the cleaning lady from hell.....
-Your favorite pet: Our  pitbull/ lab mix Colby! We rescued him from an animal shelter on my birthday last year. I went in with the thought that I wanted to be no where near a pit bull then I laid eyes on him and we just clicked....he is my baby! 
-Black or White: Black.... sheds 10 pounds to any outfit! 

-Biggest fear: I turn into the biggest baby when it comes to heights... crying...shaking... a real weenie! 
-Best feature: Body: eyes, Personality: Understanding

-Everyday attitude: Overwhelmed
-What is perfection:When there is nothing more that I can do to fix it....hehe that was my OCD coming out.... But no... perfection is being completely  happy and in love with the end product. Knowing that there is nothing more to add to make it great
-Guilty pleasure: Oh Lordy......Yarn, books and bubble baths!

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  1. in regards to the bubble baths...I just got a bubble bar and bath bomb from Lush so I will have to let you know how those work out. I did have a bath melt, too....but it liquified on the ride back :(