Monday, July 18, 2011

S'mores it up!

My little secret for the day....
I have never been a sweet tooth person (not by choice I assure you), but for some reason every time I am in the general area of a s'mores I loose it! I have an addiction for these sweet little mouth watering bundles of goodies! I came came across Be Different Act Normal where she had posted a cluster of ideas from other blogs. I decided to take what I would probably actually use from different blogs.

So here are some unique and fun S'mores recipes that I am sure the whole family will enjoy!

The recipe for these S'mores bar can be found at Baked Perfection. Such a great idea and so mouthwatering! 

Now how scrumptious does this look??? AMAZING if I do say so myself! This recipe can be found at Nest of Posies.
These two recipes can be found at The Decorated Cookie. So super easy!

S'mores Dip!!!! I found this at Sweet Cheeks Tasty
  I will be adding more recipes as I find them!! 
Make sure to continue checking in to see what else I find!!

I just ran across these S'more Croissants at Northern Cottage
Grilled S'mores from Heart Maine Home
S'mores on a stick! from Catie's Corner
Smores Cupcake from Heck Fridays... Can't wait to make!
Another S'mores bar! from Itsy Bitsy Paper

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  1. the popcorn looks delicious!!! I have a recipe from Pampered Chef for Smore Cups, but haven't tried it yet!

    I also have one for Frozen Oreo Rocky Road Bars that I will be making this weekend..I know it isn't smores, but I'll let you know!

    AND, one of the blogs I follow, she substitutes the hershey bar in her smores with reese's peanut butter cups or hershey's cookies and cream...sounds fabulous!!!