Friday, July 29, 2011

Look what I found!!?!!?

I will be leaving on Sunday with my mother in law and her friends (the Ya Ya's) for a week of girl time and relaxation in the Ozarks....which I am super excited about because I have never been!!!

So this lead to me though going from store to store to try and find a bathing suit for the trip....and I just HATE HATE HATE HATE shopping for bathing suits....nothing fit, everything made me look like a fat lard... I had fat bulging from areas I never even dreamed of.... so instead I bought a few shirts...

I will just have to improvise on the bathing suit : )
But..... Look what I found!!!!!
Victor Alfaro from Bergners...originally $50.00....I got it for 9.99....that's not it though... take an extra %15 off now!! Yep that's right!! Total with tax: $8.61

I have been wanting just a plain white tea just to wear around but I am SO picky about my shirts ( I am tall so it is very difficult to find shirts that fit me right) Fell in love with this plain white tea from TJMax.... is SOOOO soft and comfortable! LOVE

How do you not love this!?!?!? How can you walk away from this!!?!?!?!??!?!? TJ Max.... $16.99!!!!

Just don't tell my husband because I was supposed to only get a bathing suit...and I came home with three shirts instead of!!!

It can be our little secret!


  1. LOVE the shirt from TJ Max!! Will have to borrow it SOON!!! I am planning on hitting up Ulta on Sunday and HOPEFULLY Forever 21 (which I still cannot believe you knew nothing about!!) did you want me to get you anything from ulta??

  2. PS Super jealous of you going to the ozarks for a week!!!!!!!!!