Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!

So I would just like to begin this post by apologizing to everyone for my absence sense coming home from vacation. It has been one thing after another for the past three weeks and it just never let up.

I started student teaching last week. I went into this so excited, nervous, and just completely scared out of my mind for the unknown process ahead. So far, I have been just loving my class and the students, teachers, and paras that I work with. They have all been so super great in bringing me in and excepting my new role in the classroom. I am currently in an Autism classroom at the Junior High level and could not have asked for a better field experience!! Just love it!

But, in my first week of student teaching, this is all that has happened to me.....not like I already have enough on my plate!!!

My Great Grandma was sent to the hospital where I was driving an hour to go visit after my school days. For the majority of the week we had only bad news after another.... she is doing better and is being sent home now.

My daycare provider has been at the hospital with her husband.
I am just praying that my daycare provider and her family are able to push through this horrible time in their lives and that there is an angel watching over them all!
Thank heaven for my mother though because she was able to watch my son this past week, (out of town, 2 hours away from me.....yeah.... I went insane going a week without my son!!!!!)  but will be leaving today to take family back to Florida so will be MIA next week and our backup daycare will be out of state all next week on vacation!!!!!!!!!!.....which leaves me running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying desperately to find a replacement sitter for my son!! eekks!  To make this process even worse is that my son does not handle change or strangers well at all..... so if I cannot find someone that he is comfortable being around, or even familiar with, it is going to be a disaster of a week! I just hope that I can find someone today...and if this ends up being the case, then we can at least visit them some today and some tomorrow to make the transition better for him.

Then while all of husband informs me that he has set up a preschool screening for our son!!!!!! I am the one who usually takes care of anything...but this was one thing I could just not come to grips with...the idea of my little boy going to school!!! He is only 3 and a half years old......I mean come on!!!!!! I am just not ready for my little boy to start going to school.....

And to make this situation even more emotional to me is the fact that I will not be able to attend his screening because of student teaching.... I will not be able to drive him and drop him off on his very first day of school.....walking away as he is waving at me with his over sized backpack....running off to play with other children....or put him on the bus in the mornings as I am waving to him....or getting him off the bus as he comes running to the house telling me all that he did that day.......................

This alone has set me over the edge and straight into depression!!

How in the world do mother's do this without completely loosing it! I am already loosing it without it even happening yet....just the thought of it!

Oh my..... I need a coffee folks......

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Now that I have FINALLY finished packing ( I know...very last minute) I thought I would drop in real quick like and let you all know that I may, I may not be in too much this next week. I will be leaving in the morning with my Mother-in-law for a week at the Ozarks with my Grandma-in-law (get ready for crazy grandma!!!) and the rest of the Ya Ya gang! I have never been and I have been wanting to go for quit some time now. I am looking forward to relaxing with great women, enjoy a few cocktails...... and just have some much needed down time with the girls! I will miss my hubby, lil man, and of course the dog....but this is an all girls trip! This will be my first time in the last four years that I have gone away like this without my boys! SO wish me luck on my FIRST ever, mother's week off!

What I have to look forward to:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Look what I found!!?!!?

I will be leaving on Sunday with my mother in law and her friends (the Ya Ya's) for a week of girl time and relaxation in the Ozarks....which I am super excited about because I have never been!!!

So this lead to me though going from store to store to try and find a bathing suit for the trip....and I just HATE HATE HATE HATE shopping for bathing suits....nothing fit, everything made me look like a fat lard... I had fat bulging from areas I never even dreamed of.... so instead I bought a few shirts...

I will just have to improvise on the bathing suit : )
But..... Look what I found!!!!!
Victor Alfaro from Bergners...originally $50.00....I got it for 9.99....that's not it though... take an extra %15 off now!! Yep that's right!! Total with tax: $8.61

I have been wanting just a plain white tea just to wear around but I am SO picky about my shirts ( I am tall so it is very difficult to find shirts that fit me right) Fell in love with this plain white tea from TJMax.... is SOOOO soft and comfortable! LOVE

How do you not love this!?!?!? How can you walk away from this!!?!?!?!??!?!? TJ Max.... $16.99!!!!

Just don't tell my husband because I was supposed to only get a bathing suit...and I came home with three shirts instead of!!!

It can be our little secret!

New paintings

A sneak peak into what I have been working on for the past couple of days now.... they are almost finished and I cannot wait to share with you the final project!!!!

Once again....the picture quality is not so well for my camera cord is still missing..... darn that cord!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jaydon the delivery boy!

My husband finds himself having to work really long days due to something going wrong, someone on vacation, boss out of town, or of course the dreaded (his words not mine) Christmas season. Well hubby has been at work sense way early this morning and here we are, after 9, and he is still at work because of a broken belt!!! So after speaking  to him on the phone, Jaydon Bug and I decided that we needed to bring daddy some supper.....and what better then his favorite take out ..... Chinese!!!

Daddy was happy to finally see some food from a long day... plus a delivery boy who was thrilled  to see him!  Don't you worry..... the dog came also to send daddy the best of wishes and luck for the rest of the night! 

What They Don't Tell You.....

I write with humor and sarcasm, don't like it, then you know where the back button is.

This is me pregnant with Jaydon Bug with my little cousin Levi! Seems like forever ago!

Nothing is more life changing, self reflecting, challenging, and absolutely unimaginable joy then being a parent.

I can remember like it was yesterday going into the Dr. Office with a million and one questions about anything and everything that one can imagine. You carry on long conversations with other women who are mothers, asking for their advice, their thoughts and feelings on different things that you are going through and things that are to come. Everyone always has their "What to expect" talks with you.

But somewhere in these "What to expect talks", and that goes for you also pregnancy books, someone forgot to mention some of these things to me about parenthood........
I know you read them... and I am sorry they forgot to tell you a few things! 

So, this is what I have learned from being a mother from the past three and a half years.....and these are really random just to say the least

1) Expensive toys are over rated

Yah, they love to play with them everyone once in a son mainly when there are other kids around and then that toy becomes his NEW favorite toy, but what does he just LOVE to play with 99.9% of the time???? Small toys that cost no more than a buck! This includes: any toy from vending machines (you know the routine, if you are good in Walmart then you get to get a toy from the vending machine!) My mother and I both carry a little pouch of quarters because my son would be very content with bouncy balls, rubber hands, small keychains, and whatever else comes in these things! That also goes for: 99cent hotwheel cars, actual keys (so he can drive his car), cardboard boxes, clothes baskets,

2) Privacy is no longer an option
I never would have dreamed before becoming a parent that there would be a time where I could not even get privacy in my own bathroom....... Every time I go to use the bathroom, my dog and child are standing at my feet while I do my business....why you ask?? Beats me! The dog just sits there and watches..... and my son ask " Mommy, you going poop?? Over and over again...... And this is when it gets really interesting..... Not only are they spectators...but my son has to cheer me on while I "pee pee" or "poo poo"..... Yes... that is what I witness while doing my business..... All you hear is "Go Mommy!!!!!!" This also goes for showers also. I usually take a shower when my son is earlier in the morning, late at night, or during nap time. But it never fails. Somehow some sort of bathtime sensor goes off in his head and before I even put my shampoo in my hair I have a naked three year old jumping in the shower with a bucket full of toys demanding for "cold waterfall"......

3) Invest in a King Size bed..... and then get an air mattress!
Bed time.....uhhhhh..... sends shivers down my back just thinking about it! This is how bedtime goes for us. Put child in bed and read a book..... go get in bed.... see child come from his room and climb on top of you in your bed..... put child back in bed and lay down until he is asleep...repeat this process about three or four times. Finally sleep claims child. Wake up two hours later and this is what my KING size bed looks like: My husband huddled on one far end of the bed with only the side of his body on the bed, then the dog spooning my hubby,our son laying ACROSS the bed (aka his feet in my face, his head in my husbands side), then me huddled on the opposite side about falling off the bed..... Two hours later: My child and dog are laying across the bed with my husband sleeping on an air mattress by the air conditioner. RULE #1 for new parents: NEVER EVER let that so cute sleeping baby, child, or toddler start sleeping with you...because this is a very hard habit to break!

4) A child's hearing is WAY better then what they let on!!
I will be standing right next to my son and ask him to do something....and without blinking, he will act as though I never said anything at all.... it does not matter how many times you repeat yourself....they can't hear you....right? My husband will fart in one room and my son will appear from the other side of the house...walking in saying....."Daddy farted!" (nasty as it is to share this, there is a purpose). Want to get your child's attention when talking....(no don't fart) throw in a word they love!

5) You will find random objects in the most random places
I opened my fridge the other day and found paint brushes and my son's paint supplies on the bottom shelf.....enough said

6) The TV is no longer used for your enjoyment
The only thing my TV has played for a while now is Scooby Doo, Dora, or any other random cartoon character. You will know all the cartoons by heart: know the characters names, their hobbies, their personalities, and their ambitions in life. You will be able to sing the theme songs from heart. And you will be so familiar with them that you will be able to tell guests what is going to happen in this episode word for word.

7) Nothing is safe from crayons and markers

8) With that being said....kill anyone who giggles when they give your child markers, play dough, or any loud toy for a present........... OR instead of killing them remember that paybacks are a you know what and go bigger for their child!

9) You will screen presents and invent unique ways for the disproved ones to disappear........

10) Your house will mysteriously become a mess within an hour after cleaning it.....Mess and dirt stalks kids!

11) Anything on the floor or near it is fair game, this also includes you.
If you are a guest in my house, be prepared to be a slide, airplane pilot, horse, or any other creative thing that involves my child using your body for his entertainment

12) Kids are amazing ...not so much

13) You will learn early on what your child will be when they grow up....or at least possibilities
A Spy.... that is what my son will be some day.... I know this because when it comes to getting my son to do the #2 on the potty, the best interrogator in the world will not get this child to crack! If he goes into politics, we know that he will be honest because my son does not go for bribes and deals. A stuntman, he has no fear and is willing to jump from places the other kids would never dare to!!

14) Unless you are a freak of nature... your body will not immediately go back to looking like it used to, and you may actually have to try REALLY hard to get that body back ( this I am still battling!!) .....This includes working your ass off harder then you have ever worked out before. You love pizza? Cookies? Cake? Anything else unhealthy..... better find a good sub for it because one look at any of these foods will gain you 5 pounds.....It is best during this process of over coming self denial to stay away from mothers who were freaks of only puts you in a bad mood!

EXP: Before I was pregnant, I only worked out because my friend would kidnap me to go with her..... I had a great body and could eat whatever I wanted without having to work at all for it! I gained 75 pounds with my son.... I lost 35 pounds my first trimester due to morning.....well all day sickness...then gained that back and then more my last month and a half of being pregnant... this left extremely bad stretch marks all over my belly that I swear are deep enough to allow one to see my internals!!! I have worked SO hard to try to loose this weight and yet it is very stubborn!!! My sister: gradually gained weight throughout, had Hunter, and then a week later was back to looking better then she did before she had Hunter... bikinis, short shorts, you name it she could once again pull it off.... It still takes all my effort not to punch her in her skinny face!!! Remember people...HUMOR

15) Before you have children, you run across those children who are loud, throwing tantrums, and rocking the whole world with their mouth.... and you think to yourself... My children will never act like that!!!
Well time to wake up from la la land there beautiful!! Because they will! And you will be horribly embarrassed! And from that moment on, when you see these children when you are out in public, you no longer criticize these parents but instead you feel this urge to want to give them a hug and remind them to be strong!...then grab your child and run before your child decides they want to partake also!!!

I told you these were all really random.... and I apologize if any of this offends anyone.... but just a few different things I have been thinking about lately.

But despite it all you just can't help but to love to death that child of yours.... and I  would not trade a  perfectly clean house, model firm body, and quiet oasis for that little love of my life!

I want to hear what you have learned from parenting! (Don't forget, humor is allowed into this blog...please do NOT leave it at the door! )

Flower Necklaces!!

I have been working on these flower beads for a little while now. So I woke up early this morning and decided that today I was going to stop looking at them and finally put them to use! I hope you love these necklaces as much as I do!

All I did was make little flowers from my favorite scrap book paper ( a thinner paper seemed to work best...but then again alot of different papers that I ran across would not work out for some reason! You may have to experiment with different paper)

This is when it got tricky... my sister and I used every product under the sun to try and find something that would harden the flowers into beads so they would not break or come undone. And I mean we used everything! !!!!

What did seem to work: if you make the beads smaller this is what I did to finally get them close to what I wanted ( if you have any ideas that would be great!!!)

A layer of Collage Pauge, then a layer of mod podge, then end it with a layer of paper glaze. Any one layer of one product just did not give the results that I wanted, so when I was playing around with them this is what seemed to work the best.

I am open to suggestions!!!!!!

PS: My camera cord has ran away so these pictures were taken with my phone....I will replace these photos as soon as I can!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bring Back My Bar!

It is the final week of Bring Back My Bar with Scentsy!!! This offer runs until July 31, so hurry up and get these scents before they are gone!!
There are great scents to choose from and I am sad to see leave again!

List includes:

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Grape Granita
Luscious Lemon
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Orange Dreamsicle
Root Beer Float
Tuscan Garden
Strawberry Sweetie
Spiced Orange Harvest
Watermelon Patch

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Seedbead Bracelets

Once again, you must bare with me for the pictures that I am using..... My camera cord is a very good hider which leaves me to use my phone from my camera.

These are the different bracelets that I have been working on in my spare time.... they took forever! And required a lot of patience!Once I finally find my camera cord I shall take better pictures and replace these!

Shades of Purple

Shades of pink

Brown and Blue

Blues and Greens

For a limited time only, I will be selling these bracelets for $12 a piece. PS: I custom make every piece to your liking! You can choose as many colors as your little heart desires! Colors to choose from: Any!!