Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!

So I would just like to begin this post by apologizing to everyone for my absence sense coming home from vacation. It has been one thing after another for the past three weeks and it just never let up.

I started student teaching last week. I went into this so excited, nervous, and just completely scared out of my mind for the unknown process ahead. So far, I have been just loving my class and the students, teachers, and paras that I work with. They have all been so super great in bringing me in and excepting my new role in the classroom. I am currently in an Autism classroom at the Junior High level and could not have asked for a better field experience!! Just love it!

But, in my first week of student teaching, this is all that has happened to me.....not like I already have enough on my plate!!!

My Great Grandma was sent to the hospital where I was driving an hour to go visit after my school days. For the majority of the week we had only bad news after another.... she is doing better and is being sent home now.

My daycare provider has been at the hospital with her husband.
I am just praying that my daycare provider and her family are able to push through this horrible time in their lives and that there is an angel watching over them all!
Thank heaven for my mother though because she was able to watch my son this past week, (out of town, 2 hours away from me.....yeah.... I went insane going a week without my son!!!!!)  but will be leaving today to take family back to Florida so will be MIA next week and our backup daycare will be out of state all next week on vacation!!!!!!!!!!.....which leaves me running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying desperately to find a replacement sitter for my son!! eekks!  To make this process even worse is that my son does not handle change or strangers well at all..... so if I cannot find someone that he is comfortable being around, or even familiar with, it is going to be a disaster of a week! I just hope that I can find someone today...and if this ends up being the case, then we can at least visit them some today and some tomorrow to make the transition better for him.

Then while all of husband informs me that he has set up a preschool screening for our son!!!!!! I am the one who usually takes care of anything...but this was one thing I could just not come to grips with...the idea of my little boy going to school!!! He is only 3 and a half years old......I mean come on!!!!!! I am just not ready for my little boy to start going to school.....

And to make this situation even more emotional to me is the fact that I will not be able to attend his screening because of student teaching.... I will not be able to drive him and drop him off on his very first day of school.....walking away as he is waving at me with his over sized backpack....running off to play with other children....or put him on the bus in the mornings as I am waving to him....or getting him off the bus as he comes running to the house telling me all that he did that day.......................

This alone has set me over the edge and straight into depression!!

How in the world do mother's do this without completely loosing it! I am already loosing it without it even happening yet....just the thought of it!

Oh my..... I need a coffee folks......

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