Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Beauty

So I have been meaning to post reviews on different products that I have been using for the past couple of months now but just could never find the extra time with school and Jaydon......
But do not fear because today is the day!
Just a warning: I will be mentioning Laura a LOT in this post! 
So without further ado...

1) Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes: Night calming: SO BFF Laura had purchased these a while ago and just fell in love with them! So of course just had to try them out for myself and just fell in love with them! I am pretty sure that I kicked myself in the rear for not getting these sooner! I am always amazed at how well the makeup just comes off without having to put any muscle into it! I also have very sensitive skin but these wipes are so gentle on your skin! My skin is always so soft after using it also! I feel like the wipes also moisturize my skin as well...... It is not messy.... gentle....soothing... and well worth it! I will be using this product again!
Cost at Ulta: $6.36 (cheaper I hear from Target)
Comes with 25 towelettes (which are huge towelettes....could probably get away with cutting it in half)
What Others Are Saying:

2) SpectacuLash® Maximum Volume Mascara Black from BeautiControl

So I always have a difficult time finding mascara that I like that does not leave your lashes clumpy and nasty or dries out.... Laura, who also sells BeautiControl, suggested this to me several months ago and so I tried it out.... and I love it! It goes on smooth, does not clump, and is all around the best mascara I have ever used! I def recommend this to anyone looking for new mascara.
COST: $10

3) GEL EYELINERS! Maybelline $9.99 at Ulta or Drugstore MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dip Down $15.00 MAC Cosmetics
Ok... So Laura had purchased both of these and then after realizing that one alone would set her for life she gave me the Maybelline gel eyeliner....


That is the truth! 

SO... This is an amazing thing! You just take your brush and apply the eyeliner to your eyes... It goes on smoothly... covers great.... and looks fabulous! PLUS.... It takes VERY LITTLE to get the look you love! I have been using this product sense around April and it still does not even look like I put a dent into it.... I will probably not have to ever buy eyeliner again!  Laura is using the MAC gel Eyeliner that she ordered also.... I have used both... and there really is no difference 
If you have not guessed yet... Laura is my Beauty guru!   

4) TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream from Mary Kay
Due to life: being a mother, wife, school and work.... I have had difficulty with the bags under my eyes for a while now. I have tried different products to try to help with this but also ended up disappointed. I have recently purchased this product from Mary Kay to try and improve the area around my eyes. I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. It has been helping with the bags under my eyes and when I where my Bare Minerals makeup I can barely even notice the bags any more. That is all I am going to say for now though because I want to use it for good solid month before I report my overall feelings of how it went.... check in to see how it goes! PRAY it works!!! 
COST: $30...... I am a VERY cheap person...but if it gets rid of the bags under my eyes I will be more than happy to pay it again! 
PS: I do use products without Laura hehehe

5) Freeman Facial Clay Mask: $4 and some change
I have been using this product forever and I just love it! This is my relaxing, bath time, no one else in the house night that I use this! It goes on green and smoothly over your face and then you just leave it on as it dries up. I will keep this product on forever when I am having a me night. It leaves my face so soft and refreshed after using it. This is a must for any relaxing you time! 

6) Midnight Pomegranate Shower Gel from Bath&Bodyworks
One of my many addictions in life is Bath&BodyWorks. Currently right now I am using Midnight Pomegranate in my shower. My sister Jess is in love with this scent and she just spent the week with us so I pulled this out for her little pleasure while she was here.... I know... I spoil her! I just love this scent! Bath&Body has a sail going on now for their shower gels buy 3 get 2 free. I usually wait until the sail is buy 3 get three then I usually have a coupon cor 10 off that I use....If my husband actually paid attention to our cabinet about the toilet he would flip and would probably not allow me back to the store! But the great thing about this stock up that I have is that when Birthdays or Christmas arrives I will throw in these items in gift bags that I put together. But no matter how bad my stock pile is of these different products... it will never be worse than Laura's because she works there part time! She has a mini Bath&Body store out of her bathroom!!!

Well Folks.... The little person is FINALLY up from his date night with Nana last night.... They went and saw Cars II which he just LOVED! I will  post more reviews soon!

Till next time!


  1. awesome review of all these products!! I went to wal mart the other day to purchase the nutrogena wipes and they were out of the purple ones AND the blue ones, so I purchased the yellow oil free ones so we will see how those do!!

    I also LOVE that face mask!! I don't use it as near as often as I used to secondary to me not taking baths as much now (since it's 109 degrees out!)

    You should look into following some make-up blogs AND doing a monthly favorites! :)

  2. I know what you mean... I have not been getting in any bath time due to this heat! Jaydon Bug is about to go insane being cooped up inside all week but it is just way to hot to take him outside and the pools are too chaotic for me! I may just look into doing monthly favs!

  3. Loving the wide blog! So glad it worked for you! Oh and midnight pomegranate is the BEST!

    Jamie @ The Letter 4