Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's All About Baby Steps!

It is here..... Finally....2011!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!! SO EXCITED!!! SO RELIEVED!!!!

I guess you are probably wondering why I am so thrilled about 2011....well here is why....

This is my last year of college!!! Which means this time next year.... No exams, midterms, finals, textbooks, papers, essays, and late hours of cramming!!!!

This also means that I will finally get my life back and allow myself to live my life instead of fretting about school work. I have never felt so excited about a year before in my life! I cannot wait to put school behind me and get on with my life. Find a great job that I love, be a wonderful parent to my son (and hopefully future little ones ;) spending time with my husband , being able to spend time with family and friends, and just being able to LIVE!!!

Going to put my excitement aside for a little while now.....
Now its time to get down to nitty gritty.
My New Years resolutions.

1) Survive my last year of school while still maintaining the Dean's List. Self explanatory I do believe. 

2) To get our finances on track and actually SAVE money every month. This is very important to me because this past three years of me being in school has really taken a toll on our fiances. With my husband working full time to support us and me bringing in a little money here and there still has been very difficult for us to get by every month, let alone save money. There are some months where it seems impossible to pay all our bills and find money left over for groceries, but some how we have made it this far and I know we can survive this last stretch! Why this is important to me is because after I graduate and find a stable job, we are looking to buying a house, and we need our eggs in line and hopefully a nice little amount of savings to help make that dream reality.

3) Of course...... Get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I have said this every year for the past three years and this year I am taking a different route to achieving this one. In the past, I have always just jumped in head first without giving myself time to adjust. Not this year, its all about baby steps! Baby Step one: Healthier food choices. So far so good with this one. Went grocery shopping the other day and it was the first time in YEARS that I did not buy junk food and only bought food that I can make myself.... this means no pizzas, boxed dinners, cookies, soda and so on. Not even tea.... and if you know me... that was the hardest of all. I have not made sweet tea in a week!!! Which could explain the headaches........
And so far the boys have adjusted to this very well! Fresher food and healthy home cooking has turned out pretty good!AND to top it off.... I have only been drinking water and pineapple juice (which I heard helps loose inches). Once I have myself adjusted to this new lifestyle then I will start introducing working out and my routines.

4) Making more time for those who matter most in my life. These past few years with school has been brutal to my social life. This year, I am going to work towards a date night every month with my husband, a family night, and a date night out with my girls. I am going to make more time with my family and friends this year, no matter how crazy school gets!!

5) Find more time with myself. I rarely make time for myself and just relaxing and I feel that it is time to break this. One thing that I miss more than anything is making my crafts, something that I have not had a lot of extra time to do.Well watch out viewers.... I'm going to get my craft on in 2011!!

I am actually looking forward to this year and the goals that I have set for myself. Wish me luck and I pray that everyone else has all the strength needed to accomplish their goals!


  1. Yay for this being your last year in school!!! Great resolutions! Just found your blog, very cute!

  2. you have given up TEA?!?!?! Let me know how the pineapple juice works out for you!! I'll help you stay on track with your goals if you help me stay on track with mine!!

  3. Yes I have given up on tea, not that tea is bad for you, but because I seem to need a gallon of sugar with it...And I would love the help and I will help you out as well!

  4. PS

    Thanks Caycee! I am so glad that you stopped! Feel free to stop by anytime!