Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back To Reality

First week back to school of the last semester prior to student teaching.......
And the verdict is.......

Just put me out of my misery now!
Ok, so it is not THAT bad. However, it is going to be a very busy semester. So I am going to go ahead and tell you all now.... Sorry to my friends and family for the lack of attention I may show you for the remainder of the semester, But I shall see you next fall! 

Just Joshen Ya~!

And now I am back : )

Did I miss much?

 Ochocinco has decided to change his last name back to Johnson.... Too late now there padre.... you will always be Ochocinco to me!

WOW.... That was very random! Don't mind me, that is just my ADD kicking in for a few brief moments.....give it time....it will pass......SQUIRREL!!    Sorry couldn't resist! 

Now that is out of my system.... I am currently enrolled in a Young Adult Literature class for this semester that I am just LOOOOOVING!!!!!
So rough it is for me to be forced to read all these great novels for a grade....darn the luck! Not that it will not be alot of work... I just love reading and am looking forward to having the excuse to burying my head into a good book every night!
I am also taking a Personal Health and Wellness class. UGH!!! I mean..... Yippy Skippy! I came home and told my husband about this class and he just burst out laughing! "You have to run a mile???" Yep, that's my sweetie! Just bursting with confidence and support that his wife will overcome this class with vigorous activities! I am not going to lie.... I was laughing hysterically in my head while the instructor was describing what all activities and exercise we would be doing in this class. But I will give it my all. I know that this class will be great for me and may just be what I needed to get my but in gear and in shape. Oh I forgot to mention, my mom laughed uncontrollably when I told her as well. Love you two!! 

Enough about talking about the classes for now, I will share more about the rest as the semester goes on I am sure!
Life as a mommy ; ) 

Pulled up some pictures of Jaydon Bug when he was a baby the other day. I just cannot get over how much he has grown and how much of a little man he has become! Every day I think that he could not look any more like his father, and every day it happens. He has turned out to be such a great little boy, and I could not be any more proud of him!! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, being new, young parents! So scared of what the future would behold, yet knowing that life was going to be so grand with this child in your life!

With that being said.......

I HATE potty training with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!

The child may look like his father, but by golly he inherited  my stubbornness! 

Any advice or tricks with potty training would be greatly appreciated.....we have tried everything and this child has no desire for any of it! He knows how to use it, when he has to go, and everything there is to know about potty training. He just doesn't want to use it. HELP!

Prayer Lists

I pray for safe travels for everyone during these cold snowy months. 
I pray for great health for family, friends, and everyone else! 
This week in EDU in Modern Society, we have been discussing about poverty in the world

So I pray for food for those who are hungry and cannot afford a hot meal.
I pray for clean water for those who do not have any source.
I pray for a warm bed for those who do not have shelter.
I pray for those who lost their jobs and cannot afford to support their families.
And last but not least......
I pray that my son will grow to love big boy underwear. I pray that he finds using the potty fun and enjoyable and not something that he hates. I pray that this time next month that I will be diaper free!!


  1. He will totally grow to love them...eventually:) MJ was about the same. Sometimes she would go in the potty, sometimes she wouldn't. She had no real interest in going as opposed to peeing her pants!! haha!!! It will just sort of click one day and it will be great;) We can talk more Saturday!

    P.S...If you think this is hard...wait til nighttime:) If he's anything like my daughter, you will still be washing sheets.

  2. Ugh, I can't imagine how hard potty training is!! Good luck!!

    How funny that ochocinco decided to change his name back!!