Friday, January 7, 2011

Just think happy thoughts........

Week One:
And the verdict is........
Still no extra sweet tea and have only been drinking water and pineapple juice. Not going to lie, the first couple of days was kinda of difficult with breaking old habits, but now I automatically grab for a glass of water. Even at work, I grabbed a water instead of my usual soda.
Eating has been getting better also. I have substituted the good ol deep southern ways of butter frying with extra virgin olive oil, which has surprising tasted better than I thought it would! I have been finding myself grabbing healthier alternatives to our plates as well as smaller portions. At this point, I am kinda still waiting for that moment where my body wakes up and slaps me across the face pleading for the "good stuff", but for some reason, it has been really easy. In the past, I would fight all of this from day one, yet this time around it feels more natural and wanted........ I bet taking baby steps into this has let my body allow such absurdness!  I mean come on.... Sweet tea?!?!?!? I would drink a pitcher a day by myself easily... and you do NOT want to know how much sugar I would put into that thing!

My Retail Funny Story of the night:

Lady comes in and finds a Christmas  plate that she just LOVED on sale for 60% off. The problem was that the price tag had come off. So.... One of the ladies I work with searched for another plate to find the price. Found it, problem solved....Lady decided she did not want it. The lady who I work with then put the plate back in with the Christmas stuff (hidden) in case the lady changed her mind (happens alot). The lady comes back up to me about a half an hour later wanting me to figure out what the price of the plate would be after discount. After I gave her the price ($6) she decided that she wanted it.......This lady and I had to spend about a good 10-15 minutes trying to find the plate that was hidden in the Christmas isle. After we finally find it, I take her up to the registers and ring her up. Once she was rang up and as she was pulling her credit card out to pay, I hold the plate up to wrap it and the lady spots a smudge on the plate..... and takes the plate into her hands and proceeds to attempt to wipe this smudge off. Does not come off (barely noticeable, only when you hold it up to the light!) Lady then claims that she can not purchase this plate because their was a smudge on it.
Gives a laugh
and Walks out.

I find myself telling myself more and more in retail.... "Just think happy thoughts"

So I have discovered another New Years Resolution that I need to put on my list
Actually two.......

1) CHECK MY VOICEMAIL!!!! At least twice a week!
I know twice a week seems like not enough, but that would be a HUGE improvement to now, which is like once a month! MEMO to anyone who needs me in a desperate situation: Text me or keep calling until I realize I left my phone on silent!

2) Be more patient at work



  1. congratulations on the small steps towards your big goals! It takes 21 days for a good habit to be formed and replace an old bad habit,did you know that? 21 days you will be looking back and saying:I made it!!!
    happy new year to you!

  2. I can so relate to the water and voice mail. I too switched to water after the 1st and I HATE to check voicemail! =) Enjoyed visiting your blog tonight, I'll be back!

  3. I've been doing a lot more water as well!! I have an insulated water bottle that I take everywhere so it's pretty easy to handle the drinking water thing ;)

    thank you for making a goal to check your VM more often!!!!1

  4. HAHA I thought you would enjoy that one Laura.... What made me think about it was that I checked my voicemail the other day..... Turns out it was the first time in almost a month!!! And of course I had a voicemail from you while you were on your way to school asking me to call you back. I almost did a smarty pants thing by calling you then saying "hey just calling you back!"

    Laurie- I am so glad you stopped in.... It is nice to know that I am not the only person who dreads and avoids checking voicemail. See Laura.... I have companions!

  5. cute blog! I just stumbled across it--- I can totally relate to the retail nightmares. I worked for Clinique at Macy's and we called those people the holiday crazies! haha