Monday, January 17, 2011

Scentsy FREE Samples!!!

I just got a new Scentsy shipment in today...... and boy was that fun!~!~!~!~!!~ I just love going through everything that I ordered and organizing it..... and then sitting back telling myself that it is prizes not my own personal mega stock!! Hahaha.....

On that note...

I have made up some Free samples for anyone that is interested! The samples are of the January scent of the month, My Wish..... AND it smells awesome!!!!! It is a sweet violet and marshmallow scent! SO GOOD...A wonderful addition to the romance line I do believe~!

This scent is on sale for 10% off for the month of January. The warmer of the month is also very cute! You will def have to check it out at my site

They also have the Hugs and Kisses warmer on sale this month also for 10% off. They are both pretty and will make wonderful gifts for a special lady in your life for a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day, or just to spoil yourself!

If you would like a free sample of My Wish, you can email me your address from my website listed above. And that's all I've got for the night!


  1. Found your blog somehow...and let me say, you were a stunning bride!! Oh my gosh, that first picture is amazing!! I love Scentsy! My mom just bought a second warmer for me for Christmas, along with about 15 new scents! I love trying them all out!! Oh and I love that your hubby and your son's names are both spelled with a "y!"

    So glad I found your blog! : )

  2. Awww Thank you hun!!! I was lucky to have found such a great photographer. Your wedding picture is gorgeous as well!! We are big supporters of the "y" in our family! The poor guys however always get their names misspelled.... Oh well it is unique~ I am so glad that you love Scenty as well!! I hope that you are loving your new scents. Next time you order a new bar you HAVE to get this bar: Perfectly Pomegranate. I just put into my warmer tonight (I only used two squares) and it has covered into three rooms! AND it smells amazing! You def need to hit up your Scenty lady for that scent next time~! I just loved looking at your photos of you family, they were all too cute!

  3. Do i get a sample?? Would love one?? :=)