Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Merry

When did the meaning of Christmas go from

                                                                         To this:

Sometimes I really think that people forget the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas it not about how many gifts you received but being grateful to have family and friends in your life. It is the rejoicing of Christ our Lord. It is about helping those that are in need, providing love, laughter and hope to those who are less fortunate.It is about spreading this love.

Yes..... I have stood outside Walmart at 2am waiting for great deals. And no, I never did it again.

I do know that there are still alot of good out there and that there are numerous amounts of people who are caring and loving during this season. I would love to personally hug every person who during this season that does not loose their head to the materialistic demands.

What aggravates me during this season are the people who feel they have to treat every other human being horrible by yelling, shouting, being rude, and downright intolerable. If you have not guessed yet, I work retail partime, and I almost forgot how nasty humans could be until the Christmas season started. I just could never imagine treating another person the way some of these people treat me and others in the stores. Of course, every time someone is overly rude to me, I just smile and think to myself that a stupid toy is not worth getting upset over. I just do not understand how you see the worst of people during what is suppose to be the happiest time of the year.

Really bummed tonight. Went to Walmart and did not have any cash to put into the bucket. There was a little girl ( no more then 5) Ringing the bell and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. It almost made me cry, and yet I saw hope through that little girl. Standing out in the wind and the cold, trying to raise money to make someone Else's Christmas better. I pray for a Merry Christmas for that little girl, and that I am good enough of a mother for my son to have that big of a heart some day.

It was the first time that I did not put money into the bucket and I even thought about hitting up an ATM just to bring a little hope to that girls night. I do not know the girl, may never see her again, but I am proud of her.

I am really looking forward to a relaxing a fun day with the girls next Saturday. Finishing up a little Christmas shopping and a nice dinner with Olive Garden. It has been well past due and this day has been desperately needed to keep my sanity from school , work , and a house full of boys.

I am looking forward to this on Saturday:

As well as this:
With the girls

Being a Friend and having true friends in life is essential, and I will always be grateful for the girls in my life and their support, love and laughter that they provide to my life.

This past year has been a true test to my strength. This past semester has been a true test to my sanity however. I am going into my final two weeks of school this semester and if I survive without loosing my mind I will be surprised.

 I just keep telling myself two more weeks, two more weeks! Next semester will be a breeze, then two more classes in the summer, then off to student teaching!!!! Almost done! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

What I am grateful for:
My family and friends who show me nothing but love and support through this very stressful and difficult time in my life.
My husband and son, with them I am complete. With them I know that there is a greater purpose to this life. And for them I am a better person.
I am grateful that I was able to make myself to sit down and read a book last night.
God, for through him all things are possible

Pray List:

Laura and her family: I pray that her father recovers quickly and that he is able to spend a joyous Christmas with his loved ones.

Grandpa Henry: I pray for his health and a safe trip back home.
Jayson: I pray that work at FedEx this holiday season is not too stressful for him and that he is able to finally enjoy at least one Christmas in his life time
I pray for all my family and friends that they have safe travels through this holiday season. I pray for their health and happiness.

Last but not least:
I pray that God opens the hearts of those this holiday season. I pray that he helps us all to become better people. I pray that he helps us all to be more like the little girl sitting outside in the cold bitter winds, saying Merry Christmas to everyone walking by the bucket. I pray that God opens that up in us all.

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  1. ugh you made me cry :( SHOCKING!!!!

    I'm glad you are blogging again
    I'm thinking I shouldn't have shown you how to upload pictures into your blog.
    Thanks for coming over last night!
    I'm SOO looking forward to next saturday and I do have to admit I loved the Olive Garden pictures and the picture of the 3 BFF's