Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I honestly believe that school is going to be the death of me some times. I feel as though I have been reading text books, taking notes, studying for exams, and writing essays/reflections/term papers for three years straight now. I am starting to really regret that I never took a summer off because now that I am senior I feel totally burnt out on the whole experience which in turn has made me really reflect on my decisions of a career choice.  Thank God for my son and husband who gives me inspiration to keep pushing through it and to keep reaching for what is best for our family!

The downside of this semester is that I could no longer take night classes and had to switch to all day classes. This alone I think broke my heart worse then the actual classes that I had to take because for the first time sense we have had our son he has been going to day care full time. Previously, I have always been a stay at home mom with my son during the day and never had to leave him until night (when it was not to far away from his bed time). It just kills me that I cannot spend as much time with my son and that I have to take him to daycare everyday and leave him there until I am finished with classes. I am pretty sure that a small piece of my heart breaks down when I leave and rush to class every morning. Another down side to this is that I took on a part time job to help pay for the full time daycare expenses, which makes it even worse to to find time to spend with my family. I feel as if I am not at school or at work, then I am locked in a room rushing to get all my homework finished for the next day. Days like this makes me wonder if I am even doing the right thing for my son........

Something that I have recently taken on will hopefully be a blessing to my life. I have recently become a Scentsy consultant to help out with monthly bills and hopefully replace the retail job that I currently have. I am looking forward to the chance of making extra income for my family by choosing what hours and days that work best for my family. I am also looking forward to getting a chance to get out and socialize with friends again..... thanks to school I feel as if I never get to spend time with anyone. This could however become dangerous for the extreme love for Scentsy products and all their different scents....... I just love it all!!!! 

I know for the next couple of months life is going to be very hectic trying to get my new business up and prospering while finishing up this semester of classes. But the great news is that next semester is going to be a walk in the park (completely and totally!!!) , MY WHOLE SUMMER WILL BE OFF FROM SCHOOL~~!!!!!, and then student teaching next fall!! Then I am finished with school!!! Yah!!!

My ultimate goals for the next couple of months:

As bad as this sounds, try to not take school so serious and make more time for my son
Take one night a month to spend with my girls
Take one night a month for a date night with my husband
Have fun with my new Scentsy Business and make the most out of the opportunity
Spend more time with my grandmother, mother and sisters and cherish the moments we have together
Sleep in with my son every Saturday morning, followed by laying in bed watching Saturday morning cartoons with him
Find more opportunities to laugh
Start a workout program (YES Laura.... that means Zumba!)

(Totally going to steal this from you Laura : )

People to keep in my thoughts:

Grandpa Henry- He just recently flew in from Japan to have surgery done and will be staying until Christmas. I pray that he has a speedy recovery and that surgery goes smoothly.
Grandma Van Hyning- I pray that I have more opportunities to spend with my grandmother. She is getting older and lives by herself. I know that she is lonely and it breaks my heart that I do not live closer to her. 
My sister Ariel, her boyfriend, and his family members for their loss.
Laura- I pray that the next two years of college goes smoothly for her and that it is speedy. I know how hard it is to go back to school and I pray for all the success on this new journey for her and her husband. I also pray safe travel back and forth from classes to home.
My husband- I pray that all of his hard work and determination does not go unnoticed and that he drive is not taken for granted
Our son Jaydon and allowing him to have a life full of love, laughter and endless opportunities


  1. Can't wait to hear how everything is going!

  2. You have great goals! Following you back! Cute and real ! Love it!

  3. I JUST read your about being behind!!

    Love this!!! Keep your goals in the forefront and stay disciplined and you got it!

    You've got a great support system of a husband, son, other family members, and friends (totally 100% ME!)

    Write another blog SOON!!!! When you have time HA!