Monday, June 13, 2011


I just recently had a shipment of Scentsy come in and I was wanting to share some of my scents that I am just LOVING!!!!!!!!!

For my Kitchen:
As much as I would love to be Susie Homemaker and have scrumptious, sweet baking smells enticing your senses all the time, this girl just does not have time for it...... But what I do have to make my kitchen seem like it is wonderful scents that can trick even your grandma!  
Mochadoodle has been one of my favs for awhile now! I just ordered this in a room spray to use in the Kitchen.

So.....Oats & Honey is a new scent that just came out. I ordered this as well in a room spray and instantly fell in love with it! 

For my Front Room:
The front room  is usually the first room that people encounter when entering your home. I like to use a more rich, "country"scent in my front room.
MY FAV!!! This scent is one of my top sellers and I just love it! My sister had actually just bought this in a brick because she loved it so much! It has that spice, country smell yet has sweetness to it as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

My Bedroom:
Nothing is better when laying down for bed than a relaxing scent to help you drift to sleep. I usually will turn my Scentsy warmer on in my bedroom about a half an hour before going to bed and keep it on through the night.....this girl still hates the dark so it doubles for a nightlight and sleeping scent!!

Such a clean, relaxing smell!!
This scent has been one of my favs for years!! Throw it in for a little extra spice to the bedroom....wink wink ; )
Some Other Scents That I am Loving!!!

I have also decided to try something new that I am thinking will be a grand idea! I had purchased a Scent Pack back in November for my son's room. The vent's in my son's room is located on the floor, so I would place this scent pack on the vent and every time it would kick on the scent would flow wonderfully through the room. Now forward to now and I still have a scent in the SAME Scent Pack that I started with!! These are the same Scent Packs that are used in our Scentsy Buddies that are too die for adorable!

After seeing how well these Scent Pack work and how LONG they last, I am going to throw one in my car and see how it works for an air freshener! Considering that the Scent Circle is $3 and lats a little does any car freshener that I have ever bought...The Scent Pack is $7 and has lasted for months..... So I figure if it work great then I will be saving some money as well as not having to worry about changing out my scent regularly.

I will keep you updated on how this works. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these products, you can order from my website at 

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  1. I am LOVING white sands right now!!!! The mochadoodle is a great kitchen scent! That was one of the first ones I burned!!!